The medical intuitive process is an empowering experience of Self-discovery. It is where we witness the effects that emotions, attitudes and beliefs have on our bodies. It is an opportunity to unveil what the soul desires and allows us to expand and evolve our mind, body, and spirit.



Medical Intuitive


Carmen Urquiza, Ph.D., Medical Intuitive specializes in identifying the origin of illness/dis-ease and releasing emotions that block our natural healing process. Imagine an x-ray machine and how it sees the structures of the body. Carmen sees the body in a similar manner, rather than seeing bones, she sees color in the energy centers of the body (Chakras). She is able to see where imbalances are creating disturbances in the body, and advise on which direction to take in the healing process.


Carmen can meet with a patient in person or by phone appointment. Distance does not affect clarity from which she sees energy and stress. A typical reading gives specific medical information where appropriate, such information is meant to provide the qualified physician, and/or alternative practitioner with a starting point for a medical investigation. However, a major portion of the information addresses the work of the soul, which expresses itself through the physical body. 


Much of the healing process requires an examination of emotions, attitudes, and beliefs. Therefore, you may be encouraged to do personal process work, which is not medical in nature.


Once the patient’s energy surfaces, this is where the real work is done. Discovering where the origins of negatively charged emotions are can be articulated and understood, allowing the patient to release the emotions and ask for what they want in their life. Carmen uses guided meditation to help strengthen the connection that has been made through the reading to help a patient remain in balance. The goal of a session is to shift the perceptions the patient has of the Self in order to allow healing to take place.  


More information about Medical Intuitives:  (Carol Ritberger)



About Carmen Urquiza




Studies include a Doctorate in Esoteric Philosophy and Hermetic Science, a Masters in Intuitive Diagnostics, a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design, Painting, Illustration, and Photography. Carmen comes from a lineage of Shamanic Healers from her roots in the Tarahumara Tribe in the mountains of Chihuahua, Mexico, and has a Medical Intuitive practice in Oakland, California.


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Instruments of Well-being


A visual image can have more impact than a thousand words. Carmen Urquiza has created a series of paintings that represent sixteen archetypes of well-being. These archetypes have a special relationship with each individual personality. The paintings, through their healing properties, allow a person to step outside their stress/pain in order to see with a sense of clarity and direction. Please ask about availability of limited edition prints.



Coming Soon…


The Instruments of Well-being paintings were channeled in and followed by writing. Both paintings and text will be published soon. These images alone can shift the space that a person finds themselves in during times of dis-ease and stress, allowing for clarity and direction. The writing grounds the shift that has taken place through the viewing of these paintings and aligns you with your balance.


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Healing Necklaces


Another form of healing tools Carmen Urquiza offers are necklaces of semi-precious stones. These stones just as crystals do, become a source of energy for healing and restoring balance. Some channeled pieces are custom made to a patients needs. Carmen also has pre-made channeled pieces. Upon completing the paintings, she found herself collecting beads and as inspiration filled her being, she began creating beautiful necklaces. When an individual needs a particular stone, they are attracted to these pieces.






“My work with Carmen has produced very palpable and rewarding results in my life. The understanding I have gained from her gifts has allowed me to consciously release negative emotions, which have tracked me all my youth. It is as if the emotions can still be experienced, but the negative charge has been diffused. The practice she prescribed for me, which I have continued for the last year, has also created an opportunity to be more conscious about my choices. I can actually feel a different, more positive vibration in my being. I feel now I am a conscious participant in my life, and not at the mercy of my emotions. I recommend Carmen and her work wholeheartedly.”


Tatiana Thompson  

Yoga Instructor, Los Angeles        



“Thank you for your reading today.  You are such an easy and warm, yet professional woman to work with.  I felt like the work we did together got to the roots of very deep issues which have been a source of pain and stagnation.  Your gentle encouragement to replace that pain with something new was such a helpful step for me, as was speaking to myself in that space.  I'm excited to see how this new freedom will play out in my life.  I really appreciated how affirmative and encouraging you were to me in the middle of the reading.  I felt no judgment -- just support.  That was a very important piece of the experience for me.”


“I love the mind/body/spirit integration of what you do and feel that it's such a benefit, especially for us women. I know that it's easy for us to get divorced from our bodies and not realize the havoc that's being wreaked by neglecting our emotions and spirits.”  


        Naomi A. White

        Ypsi, Michigan                                                   



“Carmen Urquiza is the real thing: a Medical Intuitive and a Healer who delivers. Upon making an appointment, I was surprised that healing had begun to take place even before our scheduled meeting time, I felt a surge of energy after having been exhausted for months, I felt a new optimism. I was impressed that she identified real problems that I had not mentioned, and she advised simple, step-by-step actions I could take to improve how I felt. My healing was not instantaneous, but gradual. Carmen Urquiza has a pure heart, a heart that sees with clarity, and a gift for healing.”


         Susan Hesse

         Richmond, California